DataWhys 2021 Summer Internship

Everything you need to know to make the most out of your internship


The internship will have two phases, lasting 6 weeks and 2 weeks, respectively. In the first phase, you will work through a loosely structured course to learn data science. In the second phase, you will work in teams on a real data science project.

Because the internship is online, it is very important for you to become familiar with the technologies we will be using to stay connected:

What Where Why
UoM Email Official employment email address
Discord go here Ask questions or chat by DM, voice, or video
JupyterHub - see schedule for daily notebooks
- quickstart video tutorial
- faq video tutorial
- blocks reference PDF
- small screen? hold ctrl and the - key to zoom out and make more room for blocks
Work on data science problems
Zoom Video chat software for group meetings


Your schedule for the first six weeks will be very similar every day. The only major differences are Tuesdays, when you will have lunch with a faculty member or data science professional (online) and Thursdays, when we will have a presentation.

Click on an activity below to reveal the link to that activity. Remember you can always ask questions in Discord if you’re not sure what to do or if something isn’t working.

In the second phase, you will be working with your project team and faculty mentor, who will set your team’s schedule.